Those two words that create passionate and crazy users

It’s not ‘Thank You’. It’s not ‘Looks nice’.
It’s something that comes straight from your heart.
Fucking Cool.
Bloody Sexy.
Maaaind Blowing.
14 years back, when when I was buying a bike, I was checking out all the new products. Right from Pulsar to Karizma..and then landed up at Enfield showroom. Within a second of the test ride, I was sold (and I was never an Enfield fan before that). For me, that experience can only be described in two words: ‘F**king Cool’.

My next buy : Himalayan (image credit: wikipedia)
My next buy : Himalayan (image credit: wikipedia)

Same happened with me when I first played with the AutoRap app – I just found it very cool. A f**king cool idea (It unlocks an opportunity for me).

What’s the big deal about ‘F**king Cool’ phenomena

F**king cool connects with one of your hidden desires. Your *secret/hidden* passion.
A F**king Cool product opens up new possibilities (remember the first time you used Instagram?).
A F**king Cool product empowers you in a way that you spread the word among all your friends and families – not for any personal benefit, but you just feel the connect.
Importantly, it takes away any comparisons / SWOT analysis etc etc from the conversation.
A F**king cool product shorten the sales cycle. It ‘won’t make you think’. It just creates a connection (which is difficult to explain). Fucking Cool products aren’t just about giving you bragging rights – but it’s something that makes you feel good from inside (most of the new iPhone buyers try to ‘show-off’, though they may/may not be so excited about the device, but have to show-off due to peer pressure).
Of course, stickiness / long term utility of the product is a function of other factors – but an effing cool product just cuts through the noise and finds an instant place in your life.
So tell me, what F**king cool products have you come across in the recent times? Do share.

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