OMG! Patanjali has launched Kimbho Messaging App, WhatsApp Competitor #SwadeshiMessagingApp

Baba Ramdev, after launching swadeshi samriddhi sim cards (in partnership with BSNL) has launched swadeshi messaging platform – Kimbho (Kimbho is a Sanskrit word, used to ask “How are you? What’s new?”).

“Now Bharat will speak.”

Let’s convince you to switch from WhatsApp.
Here is how Kimbho describes itself:

  • FAST: Kimbho is super fast, its powered by advance socket technology, ensuring instant, real time messaging.
  • SECURE: Every message is encrypted by AES. Kimbho also supports ghost chatting, auto delete messages, wipe out feature right at your finger tip.
  • PRIVACY: Block users, leave or block conversation. We save no data on our servers or cloud.
  • SINGLE CLICK TEXTING: Send your custom messages in one click. Type no more.
  • PERSONALISE: Make it your own by using themes. Pick your favourite wallpaper and get fresh experience every time.
  • SHARE ANYTHING: Say more than just text. Send video, photo, doodle, sticker, gif, location, links, contacts and more.

Update: The app has been removed from the play store.
Adds @ashish: Given Baba’s credibility, expect initial push coming from his celebrity status. Having said that, maybe Patanjali was better off integrating its online stores with a messaging app and enable exclusive discounts as a ‘token’ (let’s call it Baba token?), integrating its core (i.e. Patanjali products) and the new offering.
Why start from the start and not from the present (esp when WhatsApp is integrating payments)?
Can Baba crack the network effect?