Patterbuzz Helps Publishers Sell Micro Content; Pay for What You Read

There are over 70,000 magazines in all languages in India out of which only 30-40 are well-known. I have to admit that I’ve had a hard time believing it since Amit Goel, founder of Patterbuzz, said that. Imagine if you could make it possible for all these magazine publishers to make money by selling this content to the mobile reader?

Patterbuzz makes it possible. On the app, users can buy articles of choice at very cheap prices and avoid buying the whole magazine. Literally it is “unbundling the content” that is out there on the digital world.

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Rs 2 huh?

That was the question many asked at the bigMobilityConf 2014, where the app was launched.When magazines are being priced at Rs.100 to Rs.200, how can you possibly get an article out of it from Rs.2? Some even wondered if a transaction could be conducted online at a price as low as Rs.2. Apparently you can and that’s the pricing model of Patterbuzz, ranging from a meagre Rs.2 to Rs.5!

Patterbuzz charges buyers in multiple ways. Carrier billing for Airtel and Vodafone users were launched recently. On the iPad application, users can top up their Patterbuzz Digital wallet and get equivalent amount of credit points (virtual currency) . The currency can be spent in buying articles, or issues. The users can earn currency by liking / rating / sharing an article. Also, users can subscribe a magazine directly by paying through credit card.

A 50:50 revenue split is done with the publishers by the app now.



The idea of associated content

When you have huge volumes of content on the magazines, it might be difficult to find related content to the topic you are already on. With this app you can find related articles or associated content . If you are on a particular topic, you are presented with an amalgamated buddle of content  to pick and choose from. So you do not have to waste time searching for the latest updates or related themes of the topic.

Watch Patterbuzz Demo at bigMobilityConf

It’s not a copyright violation

Patterbuzz has partnered with publishing houses so that it doesn’t end up violating copyrights. Media houses are also given an idea of the kind of content people subscribe to.

Introducing SMS buying

At the bigmobilityConf 2014, Patterbuzz launched the idea of SMS buying. So if you want to buy an article, you can send  an SMS and the content will be delivered to your phone if its a smart phone. Not to worry, if you are using a regular phone, you can login to the site and read it as well.


Future plans

The company wants to launch contextual advertising and content syndication to connect publishers and individual authors.

“We’ll make sure that we cut the noise and let the users discover only quality content to enrich their reading experience and increase the value of time spent in reading content,” Amit said. As the app is gearing to go live on all devices within a few months, they are also launching regional segments. The idea is to get localised content for the reader.

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