Paul Singh to Return as a VC; Plans to Raise $50 Mn for Funding.


Paul Singh to Return as a VC; Plans to Raise $50 Mn for Funding.

Paul SinghPaul Singh, the former 500 Startups partner, has decided to get back into the startup funding scene as a VC.

According to an SEC filing, dated 20th February 2014, he is getting back as a VC with Ashburn based Crystal Tech Fund, linked to Disruption Corporation, and plans to raise $50 million for the same.

The fund will be aimed at backing tech startups post-seed stage with upto $1 million in funding.

“There’s a funding gap between the Seed round and the Series A — and it seems to be getting wider. Rather than writing it off as the “Series A Crunch,” I believe the investors that can systematically identify the most promising companies are positioned for great returns,” Singh wrote in a recent blog post.

Singh also wrote, “We’re probably not the best place to raise $50K for your latest idea or $5M for you to enter a new market, we are squarely aiming at the funding gap that exists for great companies and will begin making investments in the next 30 days.”

In 2013 Paul Singh founded analytics startup Disruption Corporation.

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