Pawaa–Preventing Data Leaks In Enterprise

Data leaks are quite common in the new world and as per a recent study, close to 80% of data leaks are triggered by the insiders who have authorized access to the sensitive and confidential information.
Enterprise security space is open for innovation and an interesting startup in this space is Pawaa.

Bangalore based startup, Pawaa Software products solve the problem of data theft at the hands of trusted users such as employees, contractors, vendors, suppliers, customers, partners among others.

The company has launched .paw format which the team hopes becomes a standard (like .pdf).

A pawaaFILE can be created by any pawaa DLP-on-Demand product or through pawaaSTUDIO. When created by the DLP-on-Demand product like pawaaWEBB, it automatically applies the policies specified by the policy maker in the organization. pawaaFILE has total knowledge of its owner, creator, source, where it should be consumed (within the network or outside the network), how long it can be used, and who the authorized users are.

The pawaaFILE structure gives it the ability to carry the usage policy along with the content it encapsulates. The usage policy specifies how the file is handled at the desktop after authentication. Save, Save as, Export, Print, Screenshot are some of the embedded policies and pawaaFILE ensures that these policies are enforced while the intended user is using the file.pawaaFILE can also be set to expire after certain number of days even if the user has valid credentials (encrypted with AES 256 algorithm).

In the times when enterprise security is at a huge risk, a service like this is much needed, though cracking enterprise deals from India is an art and very few know it.

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