DailyDose: FB might start charging to make sure messages go to Inbox and not to “Other”


DailyDose: FB might start charging to make sure messages go to Inbox and not to “Other”

Facebook tests charging users to send certain messagesfacebook_logo

Until now, Facebook’s messaging system sends the most-relevant messages, including those from users’ Facebook friends, into an Inbox and siphons off less-relevant messages, such as potential spam, in an “Other” folder. “Today we’re starting a small experiment to test the usefulness of economic signals to determine relevance,” Facebook said. “This test will give a small number of people the option to pay to have a message routed to the ‘Inbox’ rather than the ‘Other’ folder of a recipient that they are not connected with.” [Source]

Red Hat Acquires ManageIQ

Red Hat today acquired ManageIQ for its IT management software. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. ManageIQ is in the data center automation and virtualization business. Data center automation is essentially retrofitting a data center so it can have a degree of elasticity and integrate with public clouds. This means developing methods for managing virtualized servers with infrastructures that spread out over thousands of servers. [Source]

Oracle buys web firm Eloqua

Oracle Corp agreed to buy Eloqua Inc, a maker of web-based marketing automation software that listed in August, for about $810 million as it seeks to expand its cloud-computing services. Eloqua makes software to help businesses predict and grow revenue by monitoring marketing and sales initiatives. [Source]

Google Launches New Experimental Search FeaturesGoogle

Google has long been running a number of experimental Search and Gmail field trials anybody can sign up for and today it’s launching a few nifty new search features for searching your Gmail inbox from Google.com on the desktop and your iOS or Android phone. Previously, Google already let you find you flights by using the [my flights] search operator, but now you can also use queries like [my purchases] to find your latest Amazon acquisitions and track they packages they are coming in. [Source]


Net Loss Of $114 Million On $2.7 Billion In Revenue, 6.9 Million BlackBerrys Shipped. BlackBerry smartphone shipments were down this quarter, though that’s really nothing out of the ordinary — with all of the company’s efforts focused on getting BlackBerry 10 in ship-shape before pushing it out the door, there was little effort to release any new BlackBerry 7 hardware. [Source]

HTC planning Windows tablet

HTC Corp plans to make tablets based on the Windows operating system, giving Microsoft Corp another ally in its challenge to Apple Inc. and Google Inc. in the $63.2 billion market, people familiar with the matter said. HTC, excluded earlier this year from the first batch of Windows tablets, is working on a 12-inch device and a 7-inch version that can also make phone calls, according to a person familiar with the company’s plans, who declined to be identified as the information isn’t yet public.  [Source]

MIT discovers a new state of matter, a new kind of magnetism

Researchers at MIT have discovered a new state of matter with a new kind of magnetism. This new state, called a quantum spin liquid (QSL), could lead to significant advances in data storage. QSLs also exhibit a quantum phenomenon called long-range entanglement, which could lead to new types of communications systems, and more. [Source]

Instagram goes back to the original ad terms

Kevin Systrom of Instagram wrote: Earlier this week, we introduced a set of updates to our privacy policy and terms of service to help our users better understand our service. In the days since, it became clear that we failed to fulfill what I consider one of our most important responsibilities – to communicate our intentions clearly. I am sorry for that, and I am focused on making it right. [Source]

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