Do You Pay For Great User Experience? I Do And I Don’t

User experience is not about user interface. It’s about an experience that makes certain actions easy. The bigger picture is that a great user experience establishes trust in the brand.

Consumer Experience : Create Right Chemistry
Consumer Experience : Create Right Chemistry

Do people pay for great user experience? Well, nobody does it (directly). But, if played well (by the brand), we all end up paying (extra) for a great user experience.

Case study : Flipkart.

The Good

One of the nice features of Flipkart is the buying experience. I recently bought few books from Flipkart and had to cancel one. The cancellation experience was so good and smooth that I ended up putting the refunded money back to Flipkart wallet (and not to my bank account).

Why? Because I wanted to thank the company for a smooth cancellation process : there are no stupid forms or clarifications to fill. This is so unlike several other ecommerce companies, which make the cancellation process so difficult that you’ll probably think twice before buying the next time.

TL;DR : Due to Flipkart’s simple and friendly cancellation experience, I decided to keep the money in Flipkart wallet – which definitely translates to future purchase intent. That is, I paid for user experience.
And to put it nicely, the good user experience paid for itself.

The Bad

I am guessing that Flipkart personalizes email. So after a few days of buying books, I get an email that the company is offering 50% discount on books. I plan to buy atleast 5-10 books in the coming days. Excited that I was, I went to checkout the details and noticed that Flipkart is offering discounts on base price of 2011!!

A quick visit to Amazon and I noticed that prices aren’t different at all (hardly a difference of 2-5%). So what was that 50% discount about?

First reaction : This is cheap (attitude).

Second reaction : Never trust the goodness (by bots). Always compare.

Result? Am back to comparing prices (discounting user experience).

I was almost certain to use the refunded amount to buy more books on Flipkart, but now I am forced to rethink/compare.

TL;DR : Bad experience killed the trust. I was okay with 10% discount, told honestly.  The thing is every retail/ecommerce site is doing the same, but Flipkart definitely upped the bar with the earlier experience. But a lame lie neutralized it!

What about you? Have you paid (extra) for a great user experience?

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