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Few entrepreneurs need your inputs:

Payment Gateway (Recurring Payment tool)

Qn: Can you please help me with some payment gateway service with recurring payment tool (Paypal sucks big big time). [discuss here]

Revenue model for Early stage startups?

Who we are – a early stage startup..which is building a product in embedded systems space.. The challenge right now – we need funding and most of the investors ask us ‘whats your revenue model etc..’ we do understand this space..and being geeks, we need a senior guy to look at the biz (me+founder has only 3-4 yrs of work ex)…so here is the qn — w/o getting a senior guy who knows the 360 degree of the industry..how do we secure angel fund’? After talking to 3 angel investors, I am grappling with the diff btn angel investor and a VC..[that’s another topic..but please share your experience with the earlier problem statement]. – Discuss here

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