QnA: Payment Gateway System, When is the right time to approach angel investors?

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Payment Gateway systems

Is there anyway to store credit card information at the site and then seek authorization at the payment gateway? This would ensure that on a shopping site, people don’t have to enter their credit card information again and again.

One way to escape this might be to incorporate outside of India, but then the billing would be in that currency. Any ideas?

Ad Management Software for website

I am looking for a software for managing ads on my website. The software should be able to track views and clicks by IP addresses which need to be shared with clients to ensure genuineness.

Dedicated Servers in India

I am looking for a reliable hosting company which provides dedicated servers in India (ideally Hydrabad) and a true 24h support.

When is the right time to approach angel investors?

Few startups have raised angel fund at a PoC level.but mostly, at a later stage. I am trying to understand the right time to start approaching angel investors?

Hiring Talent in low budget

The biggest problem which I faced as an entrepreneur is to hire talent when I have a budget constraint.How can I attract good talent in less and show them the same big picture which I have in my mind?

Mentor vs. Advisor – What’s the Difference [Operationally]?

What is the difference between a mentor and an advisor? I am not looking at a high level definition, but more operational difference

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