PayPal Partners With OYO Rooms To Enable Global Transactions For Customers

PayPal on Tuesday announced their tie-up with India’s branded network of hotels OYO Rooms.

Under the tie-up, PayPal will help OYO Rooms source secured payments from global consumers and help Indian consumers make international bookings.

OYO Rooms recently forayed into international market by launching their operations in Malaysia. The partnership with PayPal will enable Oyo Rooms’ customers across the globe to pay for their bookings in Malaysia and other South East Asian countries via PayPal.

Abhinav Sinha, COO of OYO Rooms believes that the partnership will assist OYO Rooms in delivering a seamless payment experience through reduced friction during payment process and will solve customer problems.


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  1. Mr. Jagan, As per RBI regulations PayPal cannot integrate and accept payments in India. OYO is one of the few companies from India which has partnered with PayPal in integrating the gateway and it is valid only for global transactions.

  2. and why is this a news? Paypal partners? Anyone can integrate paypal and start accepting payments. Are you missing something while writing this article?

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