Paytm launches App Marketplace : Marries Desi Bargaining and Mcommerce. And It’s Cool.

With a succinct and clever UX strategy, PayTM definitely brings fresh perspective to mobile commerce.

So what do you do when you have serve 50 million orders in 2013, have 10 million registered users and your mobile strategy ensures that 50% of mobile app users don’t even bother to visit the desktop site?

Well, you launch a marketplace that gets transacting users to transact more. That’s what Paytm has done with its newly launched app marketplace.

The mobile-only product (you won’t see the same service on desktop site) brings over 250 merchants/100,000 items for Paytm users and importantly, brings the desi version of buying stuff – i.e. bargain.

Paytm : Bargaining Meets Mcommerce
Paytm : Bargaining Meets Mcommerce

The new Paytm app will provide real “over the counter” human shopping experience using a text messenger. Paytm utilizes Plustxt app capabilities (which it acquired in 2013) to enable bargain between buyers and merchants, using messaging feature.

The iOS-first (Android will launched after 2-3 weeks) app also has cash wallet integrated for payments apart from regular payment options (netbanking/credit/debit cards).

What’s cool about the Paytm App?

The entire experience imitates how you buy an app in the app store – right from messaging (there is no ‘Buy’/’Add to Cart’ button) to the overall flow resulting in a ‘familiar’ experience of an app store.

Paytm Marketplace : App Store Like UX
Paytm Marketplace : App Store Like UX

With a succinct and clever UX strategy, Paytm definitely brings fresh perspective to mobile commerce. I won’t be wrong to say that Paytm makes mobile strategy of etailers like Flipkart/Snapdeal etc look like a PoC. For a company that is not an etailer (and doesn’t plan to become one), it would be interesting to watch how their mcommerce marketplace strategy pan out.

Available starting today in the Apple App Store and from next week in the Google Play store, the new Paytm app will be available to all 6 Million Paytm mobile app users by the end of February.

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