A look at PayTM App Data Report [Android Fragmentation and more..]

PayTM has launched the new version of its app and some of the new features include popular recharge offers and ability to view past orders.

In terms of app analytics, PayTM team shared couple of data points with NextBigWhat team and we certainly hope that this is useful for the app developer audience:

App VS. SMS/IVR channels.

Android app brings close to 59% transaction, while iOS app stands at 7%. Other browsers stand at 23%, while iOS+Android browsers bring 9% transaction.

Did you notice the performance of Java apps?

What about Android fragmentation?
From pure browser visit PoV, here is the data set:

Globally, Gingerbread remains the most popular Android OS . Here is what PayTM’s data reveals:


OS Version Percentage
2.3.3 to 2.3.7 45.69%
4.0.3 to 4.0.4 38.35%
4.1 10.78%
2.2 3.63%
4.2 0.68%
2.1 0.48%
3.2 0.17%
2.3 0.06%
3.1 0.02%
Others 0.14%


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