Paytm Launches An App Store (Powered By Inmobi)

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Paytm Launches An App Store (Powered By Inmobi)

Paytm has launched an app store, powered by InMobi.The app store is part of Paytm/InMobi partnership and is primarily focused on getting a pie of the app download dollars being spent by the well funded startups.


Will It Fly?

As of now, Paytm’s app store (available only in the Paytm app) is only focused on free apps and it seems monetization is driven by CPD model.

The key question that Paytm needs to answer is whether they have the necessary engagement/ attention from its userbase (the way Facebook has) to charge a premium for the downloads ?

If not, then is this another cool thing for the company to experiment with?

What’s your take? As a startup/app developer – would you consider using Paytm to drive downloads (unless it comes with a cashback offer 🙂 )?

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