Paytm Launches A Blog Narrating Indian Customer Stories; Funny But Not So Funny Idea

Unless a company has foolproof process, going public with such customer stories is..weird and doesn’t boost one’s confidence in dealing with the company.

Paytm has started a blog called “The Great Indian Customer” narrating stories of irritated customers and how they take them (Paytm) from heaven to hell and back again.

Paytm's Indian Customer Blog
Paytm’s Indian Customer Blog



While the blog (link) is mostly funny and brings about the issues customers face and how they react, the fact of the matter is that at the end of the day, you exist because of customers.

Customers maybe wrong in shouting (the F words) – but then that’s something company is also responsible for as well (aside, Paytm support isn’t anything great and I have earlier even pointed out (on my twitter handle) some of the bugs in their cashback system).

Unless a company has foolproof process, going public with such customer stories is..weird and doesn’t boost one’s confidence in dealing with the company.

Last, but not the least:

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning – Bill Gates.

What’s your take?

  1. Its sad to see a company humiliating its own customer in public. If a customer has trusted a company and purchased any product or service from it, its the company’s obligation to serve the customer well. Showcasing customer’s rant on a public platform shows that they are not able to do there jobs well and are unable to manage there users.

  2. PayTM screwing it up themselves !!

    Am worried whom are they gonna sell their products in near future when there are so many unhappy customers and when they write to them they critize it publicly.


  3. I find it immature on Paytm’s part to share customer mails and messages publicly – that too on a free Tumblr blog! Don’t know what pleasure they get out of it.

    One has to understand that customer is in a different frame of mind while typing a complaint note. Ignore the ones who get abusive and focus on servicing the genuine ones.

  4. Paytm’s customer care does suck somewhat as they don’t even understand the question and give scripted answers, I never had a problem with them.

    The problem is that we as customers are too impatient and we want everything yesterday. My friends have done this manytimes that they will raise a support request with paytm and after sometime they will rant on twitter/fb without gicing time.

    But this does not mean that paytm should make fun of the customers. They should in fact do proper follow up and try to make sure that problems are out of the equation.

    The aggregation model in itself is flawed so there are bound to be problems with customers.

    1. I am also pissed with their service. I do not know if there is customer care to address the recharge complaints. I got a number from internet as Paytm’s customer care number. That number is busy 24*7. I did my recharge and got a SMS saying that the recharge was sucessfull but I never got any recharge. WHen I escalated the issue I got the response that the recharge was sucessful SO I have decided nvr to use Paytm . Also I cannot do any transaction using my SBI account. Thats ridiculous.

  5. Thats some arrogance on Paytm’s. That’s unbecoming of a startup. Every company has its share of bad consumers but publicly mocking them is uncalled for.

  6. Well, this is the funniest thing I read today. It is funny indeed, but if they are publishing these things online with the consent of the customer concerned, then there shouldn’t be any problem. Plus, it is a great opportunity to see ourselves how we react. Funny indeed!

  7. Dare PayTM to make this 2 sided conversation, rather than a narrative. Open this to comments. Will you PayTM?

  8. Last winter I had purchased a winter garment, found it to be of very poor quality and asked to arrange for return. They made me wait for almost a month just to arrange the return courier. Service is worst amongst their competitors.

  9. Paytm – is one of the most unfriendly company in ecom space. I have had wallet wit few thousand rupees in it with them. I lost my mobile and changed number , requested them to update my mobile no and its 7 months and they are not doing it and have ended up pocketing my thousands. FK , AZ and SD in respective order are good.

    I never ever use PAYTM why bother even loggin in when my kirana wala recharges my phone on a single call or on watsapp

  10. I have been using paytm only for Recharges. Such an arrogant attitude makes me to stay away from them. One day they might mock my emotions too. Me not using PayTm is not a big deal for them. But I can save myself from payTM mocking me in the future.

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