EnPower – (un)Powering for a Greener Tomorrow

EnPower is  a PC power management tool from Creative Riot Software. The product was showcased at Startup Saturday Mumbai last week. Before coming to the product here’s some interesting facts about the team of Creative Riot Software.

Most importantly,they DO NOT come from the most elite colleges of India.

EnPower is PC Power Management simplified. A simple application sits on each of your PCs and switches them into low power mode when they’re idle. A central controller lets you define a Power Policy for your organization and ensure that every machine is in compliance.

The idea of PC power management software is not new and most of us have already been using such software but whats interesting is the way they have executed the idea. EnPower is targeted at large enterprises and comes with a central admin controller to define the Power Policy. The pricing of the product is customized after studying the organization’s needs, to give a 1 year turn around period for RoI. Typically a PC can save Rs. 500 worth of power.

For home users a free windows version is available for download on their Facebook app. To encourage the idea of power control they are running a competition on the app where the top savers are ranked. The app directly communicates to the client on the user’s PC. And ofcourse, this will help them get a viral spread.

So why free for home users? Well if they don’t, people will anyways get a pirated version of it. Not really. They wish to sell carbon Credits earned through this initiative.

Wanna save? Go download it now.

[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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