PC Sales in India has jumped 20% since last year and the sales figure currently stands at 6.5 million (5.4 million in 2006)

  • Notebook PC sales surged to 1.8 million, from 980,000, as prices that fell below 20,000 rupees (500 dollars) made laptops the favoured choice of young first-time buyers.
  • Sales of notebook PCs grew the most, by 81% as compared to 7% growth in the desktop PC segment.
  • Consumer PC sales grew by 23% in 2007, outpacing commercial client PC sales, which expanded by 19%.
  • HP is the market leader (23%), while HCL (13%) and Lenovo follow (10%)
  • Servers registered a growth of 50 percent over the first half of last fiscal year.
  • Growth of white box sales (assembled PCs) is almost stagnant, growing at 1-2 per cent y-o-y
  • The customised PC market is growing and consumers are shifting from CRT to TFT or LCD monitors
  • Market for printers actually shrank, with 82 percent decline for line printers, 24 percent for dot matrix, 9 percent for lasers and 2 percent for inkjets.

The falling laptop prices is a major catalyst in the soaring sales and notebook/laptops sales is expected to grow further- and corner 40 % of the overall client PC sales in India by 2010.

What’s really interesting to note is the dent laptops have caused in the peripheral market. This will directly impact the third party who sell bundled products, while OEMs will still rake moolahs.

Source: Tech2, Forbes, AFP, Rediff


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