PC Shipment in India drops by 22% – A look at Market Share

PC sales in India jumped 20% in 2007 and recession impact has affected the growth badly – 22.7% drop in Q4 2008 (compared to Q3 numbers) – PC shipments were flat at 7.98 million as against 8.06 million in 2007.

  • Demand from business customers has been the worst hit in India, with shipments to this segment shrinking sharply,
  • Consumer demand, which had not been affected so far, is also beginning to slow down. The growth rates in sales to this segment has dropped to about 20 % from earlier growth of around 80 to 90%.
  • Desktop PCs shipment saw the largest drop of 24.7 % in the Q4, while shipments of notebook PCs were down 17.4%.

PC Market Share

  • HP retains the number 1  spot wiht 15.6% market share.
  • Dell displaced HCL Infosystems from the second spot with 10.9% share.
  • HCL stands third with a 9.6% share of total PC shipments. – source

In general, the branded PCs are facing stiff competition from unbranded ones – and as per IDC data, 40% of market still belongs to unbranded PCs in India.

As recession deepens, do you see a need for ‘organized’ market for used PCs (couple of startups are working on this model)? Do share your opinion.

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