PC Shipment Drops 19% During Jan-March Quarter

Recession has hit the PC industry severely and the shipment has dropped by 19% during Jan-March quarter (as compared to same quarter last year).

As per IDC, the total PC shipment during the first quarter of 2009 was 1,679 compared to 2,072 units in the same period last year.

In general, demand from enterprises as well as SMBs have hit the market very badly and the only savior comes from education sector.

PC Market Share (March, 2009 Data)

  • HP retains the number 1  spot with 15.6% market share.
  • Dell displaced HCL Infosystems from the second spot with 10.9% share.
  • HCL stands third with a 9.6% share of total PC shipments. – source

In general, the branded PCs are facing stiff competition from unbranded ones – and as per IDC data, 40% of market still belongs to unbranded PCs in India.

The total installed base of PCs in India stands at 36 million mark – i.e. 1 PC every 30 Indians (though highly skewed towards urban India).

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