Pebble Rolls Out SDK 3.0 Preview To Help Devs Build Apps For The Time

Smartwatch maker Pebble has released a preview of the software development kit (SDK) for its new platform which debuted alongside the Pebble Time. The new SDK will allow developers to create apps for the Pebble Time or help older apps take advantage of the new device’s colour screen.
Pebble  Time
While Pebble has retained much of the original watch’s specification such as the screen resolution, sensors and buttons, there’s have been a lot of changes. There’s now a 64-color e-paper display and a microphone, while the processor is now 100 MHz compared to the original’s 64 MHz.
The kit includes an emulator that will help creators test their apps for the Time, considering that no one outside the company currently has the device. There’s also a migration guide for updating old apps, and a backward-compatibility guide, so that devs can compile two versions of their app tailored to the new and old Pebble devices.
Further, apps that rely on PebbleKit Android will need to be recompiled, but developers won’t have to make any changes to the code. PebbleKit iOS apps don’t have to be recompiled. The other big  inclusion in SDK 3.0 is the Timeline guide, which explains Pebble’s new chronological take on the UI.
Pebble, which sold its one millionth device in 2014 is now looking to maintain its leadership position in the  smartwatch market. The company began taking pre orders for its latest device on Kickstarter (platform upon which it launched initially) which did raise some flags for turning the fund raising platform into a publicity machine. So far the Time has raised a little over $11 mn, with 27 days to go.
The launch of the Pebble Time comes just ahead of the official release of the Apple Watch. While both the companies have approached the smartwatch idea from two opposite ends, the market is still too small for comfort. Moreover, it should be a great fight to watch – Apple’s muscle vs Pebble’s nimbleness. Who knows, maybe even Android Wear can squeeze through somewhere.
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