Indian Angel Network invests in Peel-Works: Salesforce talent transformation & BPO firm

Indian Angel Network (IAN) has invested a sub $1 million in a Salesforce Talent transformation and BPO company, Peel-Works.

Set up by a team of management graduates with extensive experience in the FMCG sector in the Human Resources and Sales Management, Peel-Works offers customized as well as productized solutions for very large to medium size companies in FMCG, telecom and insurance sector that conduct their business using indirect sales force.

Founded by former Hindustan Unilever HR and Sales professional, Peel-Works focuses on enhancing the productivity of the indirect sales force of large FMCG, telecom and insurance companies that contributes to almost 80 percent of the revenues. Using Peel-Works cloud based model, a disengaged indirect sales force can be converted into a high performance sales force by tracking their performance, training them for higher roles and rewarding them with sales incentives accurately and on time.

The investment will be utilized in expanding product offering, creating technology differentiators and human capital. Productized sales force consulting and transformation solution is planned to be hosted on the cloud and will be charged on pay per use basis.

Two of IAN members–Sadeesh Raghavan and Srikant Sastri–who will be joining Peel-Works board.

Aside, Peel-Works seems highly inspired by Apple website (design/typography).

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