Cellmate – Peer to Peer Social Networking app for the Mobile Phone

Cellmate is a J2ME based mobile client (download) that enables users to start the peer to peer conversation on the cell itself. The idea behind Cellmate is that users would…

Cellmate is a J2ME based mobile client (download) that enables users to start the peer to peer conversation on the cell itself.cellmate

The idea behind Cellmate is that users would like to have a closed peer to peer conversation, and more private/regular conversations should happen on the cell, rather than the socionet portals or mobile apps with mandatory GPRS connection.

Cellmate enables users to create groups from the existing contacts and send messages, create polls, setup birthday reminders etc.

One may ask – I can always create a group in my mobile phone and converse with the contacts. Why use Cellmate?

Well, Cellmate provides couple of more features on top of the regular features provided by your mobile:

  • Most mobile group products support only the plain, “vanilla” messages. Cellmate on the other hand supports much richer range of different types of messages. In addition to the normal, plain message Cellmate also supports sharing checklist with the group, taking a poll within the group, RSVPs, scheduling reminders and group discussions like open forums.
  • Chronological history of all the messages and replies exchanged related to the particular message in past.
  • Unlike many other mobile group products Cellmate does not force you to sign up for a wireless internet plan for your cell phone. It works on top of SMS – the most ubiquitous mobile data exchange service of all!


I did a quick QnA with Rupesh Shetty, founder of mCliques, the company behind Cellmate:

Qn: What’s your target user base?

Rupesh: We are targetting anybody who would like to create their own private social network. So it can be a college student, a working professional keeping in touch with friends, relatives or at a more corporate level where companies can use this as a medium to reach out to their employees/customers(we dont have the corporate version now but intend to have it in the future). We wanted to target a mass audience by creating a product that is SMS based and easy to use. Just create your own private group, send messages, setup reminders(birthdays,anniversaries), spread a word like reviews on hotels, movies, etc and last but not the least, the most important feature of setting up a poll/survey for everybody to respond to. We found all of these features available on the net but not directly on the cell phone as an application.Not everytime you can be connected to a GPRS site to do all this.

Qn: How diff. is Cellmate from the already available mobile groups product like smsgupshup etc?

If you see sites like smsgupshup or any other social networking sites, they are more server based and ask you to send a message to a short code. We always wanted to create a private network, anybody would definitely prefer to keep his group private and send messages directly on his group member’s cell phone rather than to a website and invite spam/security/privacy concerns. The other features like poll, spread word, reminders, etc are all in the private domain, so the user is assured that his privacy is not compromised.Also this product is a one time license rather than being monthly service based, so once you purchase, it is for life time. It also is restricted to a mobile service provider like Airtel/Vodafone and works across all providers.

Give Cellmate a spin. Also, I am wondering how difficult would it be to use mobitop api and build pretty much the same thing?

I’d like to know your opinion.
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