US-based Peesh Venture Capital launches its $50million fund For India

PVC typically invests from $100,000 to $5,000,000 f

Peesh Venture Capital (PVC), a US-based venture capital firm has launched PVCII of $ 50 million (301 crore) for early-stage investments in India. pvc
PVC aims to build India technology ventures in the IoT and Mobile space to break through into a competitive global market and in doing so, be part of India’s transformation into an economic superpower.
Apart from the funding capital, the PVC portfolio companies will be able to leverage its operating experience, thought leadership, and deep global network of relationships across this range of high-value sectors.
The start-ups working with the PVC Accelerator will be able to avail financial, strategic, technical and operational mentorship, located in Bangalore and Gurgaon. PVC typically invests from $100,000 to $5,000,000 from PVC II in exchange for equity in growth stage companies that fit PVC’s investment criterion and PVC Accelerators invest $5,000-$100,000 in exchange for equity in start-ups that fit PVC’s investment criterion.

  1. India is being lapped by venture capitalists. It’s no doubt that India will produce billion dollar companies in the tech, gaming and wearable space. The partnerships of such kind will empower a generation of entrepreneurs to take risks. This news will help youngsters to take a relook at their careers.

  2. The rollercoaster economy where booms and busts are a new normal, this partnership is moving beyond media hype and hoopla. The relative strength and expertise of these two veterans in the industry will grow talent and bring out the next billion venture .

  3. VC’s investments in early stage are in short supply. It is because investors are more prone to invest in overblown valuations looking for shorter periods of investments and getting out early. This partnership is in the right direction because this VC will invest in an idea from the very start when it is even difficult to anticipate future revenue streams and profitability metrics.

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