People2Meet – an interesting concept in People search Engine

People2Meet is an interesting service that aims to build people search portal for the Indian market.

What I like about People2Meet is their approach towards building the people search service in India. Instead of a pure people search (i.e. search by name), what People2Meet is also trying is to build an expertise based database.

So for e.g. if you are a Product Management expert, you will be tagged as a PM and any search for PM should find you.

I had a word with Vish of People2Meet and this is what he has to say on his future plans:

The majority of the database now comes from scraping information. So we are trying to index people across a range of categories and the idea is to cover as much as relevantly possible from category A to Z in a phased manner.

The idea is really to be a people search portal and if that presents an environment for a ‘social net’ eco-system to take hold then it will indeed provide more (online/offline) opportunities for the end-user and therefore is very much welcome.

Though People2Meet is still in early stage (and has a long way to go), here is what I expect from an India specific people search engine:

  • Start scraping sites like LinkedIn, Orkut/Facebook (and other socio nets), Job sites like Naukri/Times etc.
  • Go for deep web search and extract profiles from directories like Amazon,baazee, mouthshut, news items, publications etc.
  • Build a relevancy algorithm which basically takes care of an indiviaual’s expertise (extract info from job sites + LinkedIn+ web publications+ blogs]
  • Categorize services based on an individual’s interest- –
    • Professional expertise
    • Hobby
    • Dating
    • Other services, etc.

Though there are US-centric products like Spock, Pipl (my fav), except for Pipl and maybe, Peekyou, I did not get ANY relevant results as far as the Indian searches are concerned (I searched for Amitabh Bachchan!!).

Give People2Meet a spin and please share your feedback/comments.

What do you think of an India based people search engine? What’s the right approach for the Indian market?

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