Pepperfry Rolls Out DIY (Design Your Own Furniture) AND ‘In A Day Carpenter’ Service

Pepperfry has launched a DIY design feature that allows customers to design furnitures online. The company has also launched a *brave* in-a-day carpenter service, providing the optimum service to its customers.

‘Xpress Yourself- Design your own furniture’ : How Does It Work?

Just click a picture or sketch a design and upload it on the website in the ‘Xpress Yourself’ section.

Pepperfry's DIY Design
Pepperfry’s DIY Design

Once the desired design [image or sketch] is received, a Pepperfry account manager will connect with the customer to assist them in giving shape to their ideal furniture, and by designing it as per their specifications. Buyers get complete flexibility to play around with colors, textures, finishes, dimensions, materials etc.

Pepperfry has also rolled out ¬ In-a-day Carpenter service in select cities to assemble and fix furniture bought from Pepperfry.

To avail this service users will have to place requests before 2 pm and a carpenter will drop in to fix the furniture on the same day. This service is currently available in 40 cities including Mumbai, and other major towns and cities.

Competitor UrbanLadder which recently raised $21mn is relying a lot on technology to scale up and its iPad app which lets customers design their own furniture is seeing great traction.

Is customer service the next big battle for online furniture companies? Well, it better be. Customer acquisition vs. retention are two different metrics and VC investment better go in retention.

And if any of these companies manage to crack ‘carpenter-in-a-day’ service, they have a winner (it just shows the grip they have on the service side of the market, which very often is extremely unpredictable).

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