PeregrineGuard Secures Enterprise Networks from BYOD Threat [bigMobilityConf Demo #5]

i7-networks-logoi7 Networks is an enterprise security company which has launched a solution called PeregrineGuard, which will give IT managers a way of securing the network by providing controls that help in discovering devices being used by employees, maintaining inventory of devices in use in a network and applying granular access control.

What problems are they solving? It keeps the network administrator in the know of all the devices that come into the corporate network, who they belong to, their vulnerability status and granular control. it supports all wireless devices and not just smartphones and tablets.

The angel backed company was co-founded by Manjunath M Gowda and Chandra M Shekar, who ran S7 Software, which was acquired by California based cyber security Bluecoat System in January 2010.

The Bangalore based company doesn’t need to deploy an agent on the employees’ device. That makes it a great proposition for companies which don’t like invading their employees privacy.

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