Twitter has detailed a load of new features for its live streaming video app Periscope, including the ability to sign up for the service without a Twitter account.
Periscope Phone Number Sign Up
The new feature will allow users to sign up using just their phone number, helping a lot of users who aren’t on Twitter check out what’s all the fuss surrounding live streaming video apps.
Periscope Reply
Other features include the ability to change one’s profile picture which can be done by tapping your avatar and prompting you to change your profile picture from one in the camera roll.
The Periscope team has also made it easier for people to reply to comments during a broadcast, allowing users to tap a comment and hit reply in order to reply. Further, comments mentioning a user will show up with an arrow.
Periscope Block Users
Last but not least, when a broadcaster blocks a participant during their broadcast, a message is posted to the chat room indicating the block. This according to the team was important to promote transparency.
The addition of these features while normal considering that Periscope is just 6 weeks old, is also in line with Twitter’s need to differentiate the app from Meerkat and appear as a more polished product.
Meerkat recently made a big move to launch its own developer program in order to let third party devs build what could be the perfect live video streaming app of the future.