InAGist – Track Your Personal Twitter Trends [and cut through Twitter noise]

After a certain point, Twitter turns out to be a noisy affair and you would need solution that enables you to read only those tweets that matter.

InAGist is a technology platform that analyzes twitter content and filters out the most popular and relevant tweets, i.e. gist of tweets that matter.

inagist twitter page

Bangalore based InAGist takes into account all your friends across direct follows and lists, and identify the tweets with the highest levels of activity (PI’s link:

A few demo channels are : soccer, india, geeks.

Twitter app from India?

I am not really sure whether building a twitter app from India is really a serious thing to do. Apart from monetization challenge (with the Twitter platform itself), the bigger picture is on marketability of such apps [world is not soo flat when it comes to marketing a product from India, even though it is on twitter and a few RTs can probably do the wonder].

Most importantly, don’t you think there are much better stuff to do in India than create Twitter app [unless it’s a hobby].

Sorry if I sound like a broken record, but I am more for serious businesses (even if its lifestyle), but doing a Silicon valley thing from India doesn’t look like a sustainable idea. Atleast to me.

What’s your opinion?

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