Personal Vision

Vision is the magnetic force that compels us towards a new becoming. Even if our vision is blurry, it acts as a North Star to guide us. Without vision, we may think we are busy but might be wandering aimlessly without (sans) purpose. Studies show that many people rapidly decline after retirement, particularly if they have overidentified with their careers.

This provides a warning shot for all of us to cultivate vision across all areas of our lives. Once you set a vision, you activate your RAS, the reticular activating system, a part of your brain that filters information that you deem important. The RAS is why many of us experience life so differently.

When you have a vision, you become aware of all kinds of opportunities and serendipities that you may otherwise have overlooked. Studies show that, when we visualise, in addition to doing the required work we are far more likely to achieve success.

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