SitePump – Personalized Startpage Solution with Enterprise focus

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SitePump – Personalized Startpage Solution with Enterprise focus

SitePump is a personalized startpage product from Ahmedabad/US based startup and is taking personalization to next level by enabling a site wide personalization experience.

‘Sitepump lets you create your personalized page where you can bring all your favorite blogs, news, music, email, bookmarks, flash widgets, web clips, weather, search engines and much more in one place. Sitepump can help businesses to retain existing users, attract new users, boost productivity and gain uniqueness with brand awareness by providing ‘My Effect’ at very reasonable prices.’


Polythought, the company behind SitePump provides

customized white label solution of to enterprises, social networks, ISPs, web portals, newspapers etc for various purposes.

As far as SitePump consumer portal is concerned, it seems pretty much inspired from Netvibes (in terms of look & feel, interaction) ; has a good gallery of widgets and have exposed their widget APIs as well as Integration APIs. They maybe too late for consumer party, but seems to focus more on enterprise setups.

Enterprises will look at startpage as a dashboard for all the relevant business profiles (i.e. a sales guy would be interested in sales/pipeline/delivery widget (which needs to be fetched from a CRM product), while HR would be interested in recruitment/meeting setup/email etc. widgets).

The battle in startpage has not yet entered the enterprise industry and that’s where I really see a strong monetization opportunity. But at the same time, enterprise needs go beyond the pure rss/blog format and I do expect SitePump’s APIs to converse well with the native data api of different enterprise products.

Give Sitepump a spin and do share your comments.

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