PetPooja – Now Gujaratis get to order food from the Internet

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PetPooja – Now Gujaratis get to order food from the Internet

petpoojaAn interesting trend that is worth noticing. It all started with the IT city (i.e. Bangalore) getting an online destination to order foods (i.e. HungryBangalore). The concept took off and similar services have started spreading to other Indian cities.

For e.g. Bangalore has HungryBangalore, Hyderabad has OrderMonger, Delhi has Grubz. And now, Ahmedabad has got PetPooja.

As per Abhishek Desai, founder of PetPooja:

PetPooja is a city based service (for now it is Ahmedabad) that gives you access to all the food-related resources in a city.
It lets you order online from more than 30 restaurants of Ahmedabad. One can also order using PetPooja helpline number (079 – 30183918) to various restaurants across the city and hence saves you the burden of finding a restaurant’s number, facing its busy tone and placing a random order.
..PetPooja shall house a collection of user submitted recipes and experiences along with Health Tips and Kitchen Tips. And of course you can get the exact directions to the restaurant by looking up Google Maps.
The “Tiffin Service” provides valuable database of tiffin service providers of the city to lot of migrants who are coming in.

Interesting pattern about these developments is that they are very localized and serve the local audience. One may argue that the target number itself is too small to get these services on the profit curve, but I look at it as a teething problem in the rise of local market in India (more about this topic later)

Considering that more than half of India’s Internet usage comes from non-metros, I do foresee more such localized services across Indian cities.

Another interesting observation is that many of such products are brainchild of fresh college grads (just the way Microsoft and Google was), and instead of building another social network, an attempt is being made to solve real life pains.

What’s your take on local services like PetPooja?

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