Sacked CEO of iGate Corp Phaneesh Murthy on What Went Wrong; IR Head Araceli Roiz Charges Sexual Harassment

Phaneesh Murthy
Phaneesh Murthy

Phaneesh Murthy, the CEO of iGate Corporation who was sacked last evening for not informing the company about a relationship with an employee, denied charges of sexual harassment leveled against him. In a question and answer session this morning, Mr Murthy revealed that the nature of his relationship with Araceli Roiz, the Investor Relations head of iGate Corp was beyond a professional relationship. While Murthy acknowledged his relationship, he said that he was in the clear with regards to the sexual harassment charges. He added that as he had informed the board’s chairman after the relationship ended two weeks ago. Edited excerpts from the call.

Do you think you will have to restart your career all over again?

I have to really think about what I want to do and how this plays out will have a bearing on what I’ll be doing next…I do hope this ends up in court. Im quite confident that we will win.

When was the letter (by Roiz claiming damages) sent to the company?

It was sent to the company. Late last week.

What followed?

The investigation was conducted after I informed the company about the relationship and before the statement of claims came…I believe that  I was the first person to tell the company. I didn’t have much of an indication and I don’t know.

Is she a resident of California?

She is American.

Has she hired the same lawyers from the previous suit?

She has engaged the same lawyer & law firm who was hired in the earlier case.

What does it all mean?

If you are interested in money, there are ways to get it. There are enough people who are trying to benefit from it…I know it has to be absolutely false and fabricated.

What damages has she claimed?

Not sure how much damages she can claim.  I have not seen the letter sent to the board.

But if you informed the board earlier, why did they terminate you?

They believe that I should have informed them earlier. Its a question of timing. I informed the chairman a couple of weeks back.

Do you regret it all?

Its a fair question and in hindsight, everything is a regret.

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