PhokatCopy – Discounted Print outs for College Students (Advertising Supported)

There are great business ideas and then, there are ideas that just sound cool enough for one to just get hooked into it.
PhokatCopy, a student startup (from IIT D) subsidizes photocopying for students and in return, serve them ads. The company has tied up with photocopiers in IIT D, IMI, DCE, Delhi School of Economics etc and has bagged advertisers like Coffee Day, Apple resellers, Career launchers etc.

Here is how Phokatcopy works

phokatcopyEssentially, Phokatcopy service enables you to avail certain discount per photocopy and for every 20 sheet that you photo copy, you get a pin card. You need to register the PIN via the website/sms, accumulate points and redeem them via advertisers’ service.

Given the number of photo copies that happen during exam times (and even otherwise), expect this service to get bigger (and viral).

Neat idea, and most importantly, targeted towards a segment which is most money conscious and enjoys freebies to an unimaginable extent!

What’s your opinion?

Note to Phokatcopy team – do not approach VCs at this moment. At this point, they will ask you questions which you won’t be able to answer (expansion/scalability plans etc). First, focus on building a local ad based service – measure results/define advertising metrics/identify competition/figure out your margins.

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