Phorce : A Smartbag for your smart devices [Charge your devices, get alerted when you lose your bag]


Phorce : A Smartbag for your smart devices [Charge your devices, get alerted when you lose your bag]

Now that you are all loaded with smart devices, it’s time to look around for a bag that makes mobility possible.

Phorce is a smartbag that powers all of your devices, transforms into 3 separate types of bags, and connects you to your bag through an app.

The result is a sleek and attractive triple threat of a bag that can go with you wherever you might be – at the airport, at a meeting with a V.C., or riding home on your bike. And most importantly, Phorce prevents you from losing your bag and all of your very valuable gadgets.

The bag comes with an Android and iOS based application that can connect a smart phone to the Phorce bag via Bluetooth. This app gauges the bag’s remaining power through an intuitive on-screen graphics display. Additionally, this feature sends a notification to the phone if the bag is left behind.

Importantly, Phorce can transform from a messenger bag, to a backpack, to a briefcase in a matter of seconds, with no additional equipment needed!

As far as specs are concerned, bag is compact and light-weight at just 3.7lbs and has a special opening that allows it to slide over the (telescopic) handles of a trolley bag.

We did a QnA with Phorce founder, Marijn Berk, a Dutch entrepreneur:

1.    What’s the cost of the bag, given that it’s pretty much a smart app in itself.

Marijn Berk: Phorce is not just another bag with a battery- we’ve completely redesigned the bag. From electronics, to design, to mechanics. Phorce can adjust to your environment by becoming either a messenger, backpack, or briefcase. It can power all your devices, and it can communicate with your phone. However, what’s best about Phorce is not its high-tech specs, features, its advanced materials, or its unique construction. What’s best is how all these things come together to produce a truly holistic product experience. Phorce comes in 2 versions: Phorce for USB ($219 on Kickstarter, $349 retail) and Phorce for Mac ($299 on Kickstarter, $449 retail).  We’ve decided to give such deep discounts during our launch because we want to thank and reward the people that help get us started.

2. How many months/days did it took to come up with the final product?

Marijn Berk: We’ve been working on Phorce for over a year. It’s been hard work, but it’s not hard to work 18-hour days on something as fun and exciting as Phorce.

There are 1001 things we could have done to speed things up, or do them more cheaply, and it would have probably become a good product. However, we didn’t want to make any compromises: Phorce had to become the world’s greatest bag. So we developed our own patent-pending technology, our own custom fabric, and so forth. We don’t want to create good products, we want to create great products. And great products take time.

3. What’s the plan w.r.t sales volume? Any numbers you have in mind?

Marijn Berk: We have a minimum goal of $150,000 on Kickstarter. We’re hoping that people will like the product, and decide to back our project. Ultimately our goal is to get Phorce into the hands of as many people as possible. It’s a fantastic product and we think people are going to love it. To fully understand how great Phorce is you have to hold it in your hands, use it, live with it. Going from your regular bag to Phorce is like going from a basic cell phone to a smartphone – it’s extremely empowering and highly addictive. We see tremendous potential for Phorce: bags are one of the few products people use everyday and bring with them wherever they go. It’s an important product to revolutionize, and we believe Phorce is the first bag to get it just right.

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