Improve Your Chemistry with Physics Using High School Physics [App Review]


K = ½I?2, V = IR, E=mc2

Well some of that flew over my head also. Physics equations are often very difficult for people because of two reasons. One is remembering the complex equations and the other is actually implementing it. This is where High School Physics, an Android app comes in. It tries to simplify the mathematics used in Physics and acts a ready reckoner for  the subject. It is aimed at high school students as well as Physics enthusiasts.



The app follows the Freemium model, where they give one chapter for free and all the other chapters can be purchased for $2. The free version also has ads. One can access all the chapters for free for 7 days.

The app has the following features

1. Equations Calculator for over 170 equations covering over 20+ topics

2. 160+ Definitions covering all the topics

3. Descriptions for all the Units and Lessons

4. Wiki pages for all the Units and Lessons inside the app


The app has a very minimalistic interface which is good since it deals with a serious subject. Using the app is simple. The chapters are well thought out to include all popular topics such as Classical Mechanics, Optics, Waves etc.

Clicking on a chapter would give you various lessons which would provide definitions, formulae a description and also the wiki page. To move between these one has to just swipe across the screen which aids in the process of learning and one can quickly glance at various sections.

The Formulae section would give you various equations dealing with a subject and one can easily calculate and solve problems with the inbuilt calculator. The app also explains the terms, so one is not necessarily just blindly solving equations. Thus the app aids in the learning process.

NextBigWhat Review

This app mainly targets students and having a freemium model for an app like this is probably not the best way to go. Students usually will not be willing to pay for an app. Also most students will not have their credit card linked to Google Play so are probably unlikely to be able to buy the app even if they wanted to.

Another issue is while you can easily flow through the chapters and lessons, there is no way to search in the app and this is definitely needed for a reference app.

Also there are no graphs and charts to explain concepts and it would probably be easier to grasp information that way. You can see images in the wiki section but it would be better if this was included along with the definitions and description.

Where the app does excel is the simplicity of the app and also the ability to quickly flow through topics.

Download: High School Physics (Android)

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