Pi Forum – Feedback Pouring in for Startups [Roundup]

Pluggd.in’s forum section has taken off quite well and while we keep up with few spammers, there is a healthy discussion happening at Pi.


Here are some of the discussions to follow:

Paypal issues again [started by Deepak]

Great response from Sandeep Chandalia

What PayPal offers is international money transfers which according to Indian regulations can be done only through bank to bank transfers or under money transfer service scheme (MTSS). PayPal doesn’t come under the first one because it is not a bank and it doesn’t have approval for the second one. They might have applied for the second one and the limit of $ 2500 per month also seems to have some connection (though the limit under MTSS is $ 2500 per month and max 12 transactions a year).

Another point is that the account with PayPal is like a overseas account which is again not permitted for Indian residents.

Also Indian regulations do not permit Netting off of transactions; you cannot pay some overseas from your exports proceeds. This was not controlled by PayPal at all. Seems t is trying to resolve the same by adding the footnote in the withdrawal screen by mentioning “Please be reminded that any payments received into your PayPal account from the export of goods and services cannot be re-used for making purchases or any other payments”

Sagar, I think the concern would be higher on PayPal because one it is an international money transfer and hence more concerns on hawala /terrorist financing etc and two because at the time of opening a PayPal account, you don’t have to go through the KYC procedure that you would do for merchant account with a PG

Ashish, the p2p players like xoom all seem to be more geared for NRI remittances than business remittances. Was thinking of a soluton but before that wanted to understand if the payments are largely originated from bank accounts or from PayPal accounts?
Would the Indian exporters & their counterparts (the buyers) be okay if the solution requires the sending party to initiate the transfer from a bank account?


Feedback on : http://www.contd.in [started by Shrikrishna Shrin]

I faced an interesting problem yesterday which is that I really needed to contact a person but he was responsive only on twitter. E-mailing did not work at all (he probably gets way too much e-mail). Anyway, I spent a few hours today to create http://www.contd.in that does 2 things:

1) It allows you to enter 500 chars and it will compress that to 140 (I am usually pissed when I finish typing a tweet only to find that I need to edit it to reduce 5 characters).

2) It will convert the link you post to a full fledged embed automatically! So far, I support flickr urls, slideshare, scribd, youtube and urls ending in .doc, .ppt or .pdf.


Need feedback on freecharge.in

I need feedback on http://freecharge.in

1. how is the Design / UI?
2. Does this look like a scam site? if yes, what changes in copy can help. we shared on FB and feedbacks have not been encouraging. everyone is treating this as a scam site.
3. what do you think of the whole concept?   [started by naman]

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