Pi of Life : Simon Says …

Simon says make money – more of it than you are, and then some.

Simon says get an ‘Exceeded Expectations’ on every appraisal. Simon says top the charts and get a raise. Think independently. Haha – caught you there!

Simon also asked you to go to school, be good at everything whether it made sense to you or not. Simon says pick the lucrative, not the interesting.

Simon says follow those rules. Simon says be like that guy – emulate. So what if he was mean and unreal and seriously and an outlier by a mile. Simon says chase success, or at least whatever it looks and feels like, at whatever cost.

Simon first tells you what success is.Puppet

Last year, Simon said you should buy a house and take an EMI out. Simon says too often when you should upgrade your car, get the latest phone, and generally be with it. Simon does not like laggards, and wants you to run harder.

Simon says run harder. Now!

Simon has a best-5 of everything for you. For better productivity, for multitasking, for taking vacations, for buying stuff, for who with and how to spend your time. Simon lives a lot inside recommendation engines aimed at maximizing consumer spends, these days.

In the last few years, Simon has had a thing for entrepreneurs – he certainly wants you to be one! Simon advises you marry late. Simon says keep your focus razor sharp. Simon says its ok to miss birthdays for your startup. Simon says get a co-founder. Sometimes Simon says go it alone. Simon can be confusing, at times.

Simon tells you what your passion should be, and what goals are worth chasing.

Simon says ‘big’ is the only path, and lifestyle businesses are for losers. Simon does not like ‘forced’ entrepreneurs. Simon hates worker bees, though Simon needs them often. Simon decides the size of your ambition. Simon tells you that you must scale, grow or you’ll die.

For a brief while, Simon said follow “lean”. Simon has a template for you to follow. Simon knows how to split equity, and Simon has a recipe for hiring right, and for how much funding you should raise. Simon says be data driven. Simon recently prescribed A/B testing for all as well. Simon is pretty awesome at getting into the nitty gritties as well and ends up with a one-size-fits-all more often than not.

Simon says network, attend events and market yourself. Simon advises you to be cold and decisive when dealing with people. Simon eggs you on through moral dilemmas.

And Simon blogs a lot about this. Simon says you should read those, regularly.

Simon said that Atlas Shrugged. Simon said that the capitalism works for all – and smiles knowingly when it doesn’t. Simon wants you to be supremely individual, and Simon says you’re worthless if you do not comply with that.

Hey, know what? You’re trying to be unique – but exactly like everyone else and seek validation and the comfort of a precedent. You are afraid to think outside of convention. You cannot NOT conform – there’s too many years of training in you for that. Big names, reputations matter – their wisdom and their notions of success decide the left hand sides of report cards you fill out for yourself, and you continue looking for pearls of wisdom and truth everywhere but within yourself.

Of course, its smart to inject diversity into your thoughts. Listen to multiple views, and learn from experiences. But pray study the experience alone – let the learning be your own. What worked for others may be right for them, or in a context or just as a one-off; to borrow a often used phrase – your mileage may vary. Multiple, opposite truths may both be sensible – and you must still make you own choice – based on who you are, what you really need and want, and are comfortable with. An open mind that can honestly (re-)examine whatever it comes across is a prerequisite – so try and practice keeping one.

But really, stop playing Simon Says all the time. That’s someone else’s thoughts, ideas and someone else’s life.

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