Pi of Life : So You’re Having A Tough Day? See This For Perspective

It’s tough being an entrepreneur. Extreme doubts, fears, pressures, impossible expectations, no money….the list goes on. You feel alone. You feel you’ve no hope, no options left. You doubt your capabilities. You don’t know if you can do it. You don’t know what you can do.

But it’s never over till you give up. It doesn’t help to focus on what you don’t have. And you can recover from anything. Forget conventional wisdom. Forget what others believe, think or say. Just get up again. The only limits are those that you assume for yourself.

Sounds like hollow words? Of course. But not from this guy – take a look at what he has to say – it might change how you look at life, your goals, yourself.


(Watch at least the first 25-30 mins of the video. The rest is awesome too – but more relevant to the teenagers he addresses – still has valuable lessons though.)

Every morning is worth getting up again and getting out optimistically and positively for. Especially when you know what you do have, who you are, and you have a purpose. And if you’re not sure what that it – look honestly – it’s surely in there somewhere deep in your heart. Follow that.

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