Tech around the www- Picasa Increases Album Limits, Twitter Introduces Gizzard Framework [and more]

If you are a heavy Picasa user, you probably know that the service had a limit of 1,000 albums and Google has now raised the limit to 10,000.

We recently made extra storage really affordable, but until now, Picasa Web accounts have been limited to a maximum of 1,000 albums. We heard that you needed more room, and because we want you to keep sharing your photos and posting them to Buzz, we’ve worked hard to now raise this limit to 10,000 albums.- blog

What Goog is saying is very simple – stop posting to Flickr and hop to Picasa – and ensure that Buzz profile is linked to your Picasa repository.

Yahoo buying Foursquare?

There are rumours floating that Yahoo is planning to acquire Foursquare for $100mn. While this could be a negotiation strategy by Foursquare [four VC firms are in the race to invest in them, and the company is probably just trying to jack up the valuation], if the deal really happens, you should immediately check out from Foursquare.

Why? Because Yahoo kills all the companies it acquires.

More news:

  • Twitter introduces Gizzard Framework for HTML
    Many modern web sites need fast access to an amount of information so large that it cannot be efficiently stored on a single computer. A good way to deal with this problem is to “shard” that information; that is, store it across multiple computers instead of on just one. – blog
  • Apple sold 300,000 iPads on day one, as opposed to 600K or so, speculated by analysts.
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