Pickle.io Helps You Organize Multiple Cloud Services With Ease [UnPluggd PitchStop]

Pickle.io’s cloud management platform helps you organize and manage all your servers, across clouds together as a team from one place using any device.

Putting up your application on multiple cloud services is becoming the trend these days as it brings down the risk of failure and also gives you higher flexibility in terms of costs, geographies and features. But managing multiple cloud services is no easy task.

There are currently more than 25 cloud providers in the market to choose from. Managing more than one service at a time can be tough. You’ll have to deal with multiple control panels which make you do the same thing in different ways, says Jayy V, the Co-Founder of Pickle.io, a startup looking to make multiple cloud management easy.

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Jayy, Co-Founder, Pickle.io at UnPluggd

Pickle.io, the cloud management platform, helps you organize and manage all your servers, across clouds together as a team from one place using any device. It also lets you share the infrastructure with others in a secure way.

Users can organize servers from one or more clouds into logical entities that make sense to you. Like for instance: apps, projects or clients. They can also group relevant servers using buckets and tag server roles using labels for easy filtering and navigation. Some of the supported services include AWS, DigitalOcean, rackspace and openstack among others.

Once on Pickle.io, users can invite others to share their cloud or delegate few servers to be managed, without giving away the cloud account credentials or billing/invoice details. This is particularly useful when you have a distributed team which needs to collaborate on a project from different locations.

Other open source tools and SaaS services that are relevant to manage and monitor your cloud servers can also be integrated into the platform. The services is in beta stage right now. You can sign up for a trial here.

The startup launched at the winter edition of UnPluggd, our bi-annual conference.

Watch Pickle.io launch at UnPluggd

Here’s what Jayy, the Co-Founder of Pickle.io had to say about his launch experience at NextBigWhat’s startup conference UnPluggd earlier this month

Every aspiring entrepreneur has to be there at UnPluggd atleast twice – first when you’re about to start up and next when you’re ready to launch. Then for sure, you’ll go back to share your success story.

We have met awesome people sharing their journey, launched pickle.io in front of amazing people and got unbelievable reach out from the day next. Thanks lot UnPluggd team for giving us the turning point.

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