PickParcel Aggregates Courier Services. And Picks From Your Doorstep!

pickparcelScenario One:

There’s one, or at most two, courier companies around where you live. The last one you sent reached in 7 days. And perhaps could’ve been cheaper to send. And that guy randomly shuts shop in the afternoon and you have to go check again….

Scenario Two:

You’ve just set up a small store on Shopify or suchlike. The local courier guys do not handle perishables. Or do not handle them well. You also have calls to take, the site to maintain, payments to collect and make, and you’re the only marketing team you’ve got. Heading out to the courier guy to send those is yet another task you could well do without.

This is what PickParcel – an online aggregator of courier services – is trying to solve for you. Do it from home/office, and do it cheaper.

The founders – Ayush and Akshat Agrawal were earlier involved in ecommerce – selling products on different marketplaces like ebay, amazon, tradus, etc.

“We had to arrange our own logistics, but since we had very few parcels to send, no courier company was signing up with us. At that time we researched a lot but didn’t find anything like this so we decided to start this service and help people like us who face such problems on a daily basis.”

It helped that the last generation in both their families had been involved in logistics!

PickParcel covers 10000 pin codes right now thanks to tie-ups with all major courier companies across the country. This gives them a reach much bigger than most other entrenched players! They have their own setup for pickups and deliveries in a few major cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, but for other places where they are not present, they rely on their courier partners. They are also trying to expand in cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, etc. There are both formal and informal arrangements that courier companies or their franchisees provide for home/office pickups, but those themselves aren’t always reliable right now. PickParcel’s dependence on their partners for pickup reliability, of course, is a challenge they will likely face in the days ahead.

They negotiate special rates with courier companies to offer their services online which and in return offer reasonable rates to the users. They do liaise between the consumer and the courier company as needed for service issues, and process refunds at their own end directly.


The service is straightforward to use – enter details of the parcel, pick a delivery option, enter addressee details, print your label and await parcel collection from your location. It’s early days; the web interface seemed a little slow, my home’s pin code was missing and the 1-3 Days’ Express Delivery was way cheaper than the 5+ Days Economy options – but we’re sure they’ll figure these issues out with better QA as they grow. Right now you can book one parcel at a time, though there’s a “contact us” offering for bulk couriering.

The core offering is definitely useful (though they do expect folks to measure each parcel strictly in centimeters – all three dimensions!) both as an individual or if you run a small business – give this one a shot. We expect to see this service both improve and grow over the year, and will keep you updated on their growth.

What do you think?