The Arrogance, Post-Google Acquisition (?)

A lot of startups have a hidden desire to get acquired by Google, Facebook and Twitter (s ) of the world. While many of the acquisitions result in a failure (Yahoo leads the pack here), there are sometimes a surprise element of arrogance that creeps up in the startup.

Picnik's Privacy Policy
Picnik's Privacy Policy

Picnik, a photo editing online tool that recently got acquired by Google (and is now integrated into Picasa) has now upgraded its privacy policy and the deal is very simple – you better accept the new policy or just get lost.

Not that many people will disagree to the new program/privacy policy (how many of us read them anyways?) and actually just want to get past the irritating ‘accept’ screens, what surprises me is the ‘gun-to-your-head’ message that says ‘If you’d rather not accept, we’ll help you delete your Picnik Account’.

Maybe, Picnik doesn’t need new users (even old) anymore – Google buyout + integration into Picasa has given them enough substantial userbase to play with and while earlier, there was a desperation to win new customers, the hunger might have died down.

What’s your take on such a message? Was that really needed?

PS: The message was encountered when I visited the site from Flickr.

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