Picture Time : This Truck Brings World Class Movie Viewing Experience to Rural India

Imagine a huge cinema screen with Dolby surround sound, From Jhumritalya to Jammu. Now, imagine a small truck that takes this world-class viewing experience to any part of the country.

The truck has everything. An AC theater that can seat up to 150 people. Comfortable seating.Sound insulation.Clear neon signage for exits.Floor lights.Power back-up.

Established in 2015, Picture Time has introduced mobile movie halls in an effort to ensure people in rural areas have access to good quality entertainment at affordable prices. Using trucks as a medium, the company carries inflatable theaters to towns, villages and remote parts of the country offering.


[About the founder: Sushil Chaudhary is the Founder and CEO of PictureTime Digiplex.
An engineer by qualification, Sushil started his career as a professional in the field gaining experience, post which he began his entrepreneurship journey after setting up Mann-India™ a well know name in the Latam Region. Since then Sushil has moved on to build Picture Time to bring world class Digital Cinema Experience and IOT (Internet of Things) to the parts of Rural/ interiors India that have traditionally not been served. Picture Time is currently operating 10 Mobile Digiplex Cinema theater units and has so far showcased movies in remote villages of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.]

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