PiHackathon–All You Wanted To Know About [hacks, beer and iPad Winner]

Like I shared earlier, I wasn’t a big fan of Hackathon because most of them focus on ‘kewl’ stuff rather than something more meaningful. Not that there is anything wrong with kewl stuff, but I couldn’t locate any fit with Pluggd.in and these cool things. For me, personally – its very important that there is some working prototype/hack after 2.5 days.

In fact, when we were ideating on hackathon, a startup founder (+ good friend) suggested us not to worry so much about the Indian startup API (as per him, “developers will still prefer a white skin API vs. Indian – call it racist, but that’s the hard reality. There isn’t so much of respect for Indian companies API ”).

And we took a bet. We brought 2 very good API platforms  (Zomato and Kookoo) to the event and the result was phenomenal. We also experimented with ‘sponsored projects’ – AngelPrime sponsored few tickets and the hack by Swaroop is a testimonial of the bet we took. It won’t be wrong to say that the event has set standards for others to follow.

And now, coming to the hacks, here are the hacks created by 49 hackers that attended the event


Hackodex.com Create a video chat app for hackers (help them build teams/connect with other hackers). The app was built during the hackathon and within 2 hours of making it live, the site had 100+ hackers using the service (across the globe).
Sudo-code Zomato comparator + mine user choices to rank restaurants better
iMote Created a remote controller using a mobile phone.
Printo Customizable Business Card- Printo team wanted to create a service wherein consumers can customize business cards the way they do it in the offline stores.
DealRadio The app was conceived and built during the hackathon – Deal Radio uses APIs from Offergrid, Zomato and Kookoo, enables one to download deal coupons over SMS (automatically identifies the location via android app) via calling 080 3080 6788
Tokila Online communication platform – improve the prototype/validating the idea.
FrndMe Social utility – people meet peers with common interest (offline around events). By Class 12th student from Assam.
HotBuild Continuous Integration – testing on cloud as a serivce (built on Ruby on Rails). The developer scratched his own itch and is now deploying this hack in his company.
FirstLike ecommerce : optimize the shipping process/Payment gateway process.
HealthReceipt Personal medical record history –evernote for medical records.
FrigateBird Parsing SMS and emails – and actions on content. Sentimental Analysis of SMS.
Booktable Booking tables in restaurants
TalkFood Converse with the application to find restaurants , book your place and set reminders.
Greenveg Community farming.
PersonalCloud Cloud for individuals which will automate the communication between devices or servers on the cloud.
zwingmo lifestyle discover engine (local data using zomato etc.)
istillsmile Community smiling and happiness
Ziri Ziri – a hack using Zomato API.

Zomato team promised an iPad for the best hack made using the Zomato API and the winner was Akshay Surve, a hacker from Mumbai who created an awesome ‘magazine’ styled experience (Zwingmo.com) using the APIs.

Special Thanks

To all our sponsors:

Venue partner, Jaaga.in for helping us manage the entire operations and mentors for providing inputs to hackers.

– Sponsored Projects: AngelPrime team (for sponsoring 2 projects) and Kuliza team for sponsoring 4 tickets.
– Of course, Pluggd.in team (especially Pratyush and Kunal) did an awesome job.

Special thanks goes out to dear friend Arjun for buying beer for hackers. That was super cool gesture!!

To cut the long story short, all we can say is “hum to akele hi chale the, log milte gaye karvaan banta gaya”.

What next? Stay Pluggd.in!

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