PIL asking Google to remove India from Google Earth

Mumbai attack terrorists used Google Earth to memorize digital satellite images of the city in order to find their targets and coordinate their attacks.

A PIL has been filed against Google asking them to remove India from Google Earth, as their product helped terrorist in planning the attack.

The petition filed by Mumbai-based lawyer Amit Karkhanis says that it is easy access to satellite images of the vital installations in the country through Google Earth and this would aid terrorists in plotting attacks.

Karkhanis demanded that at least the images of India should be blocked from Google Earth.

Few years back, Google Earth completely exposed the images of INS Virat docking station (a highly secretive station with no access to civilians) and later, Indian govt. and Google earlier agreed to show ‘fuzzy’/low-resolution pics of sensitive military and scientific establishments on the web.

Google Earth’s high-resolution has been questioned by other countries as well – the product is banned in Sudan, China too was mulling over to ban the product. Interestingly, Google Earth doesn’t show US military base,

The petition is likely to come up for hearing on December 18,

What’s your opinion on this entire issue? While terrorists can easily use other options (like yellow pages/maps), Google Earth does ‘eases’ out the entire operation for them (360 degree view of the entire location).

What happened to ISRO’s ambitious project, Bhuvan (supposed to take on Google Earth)? What will be their strategy to combat such intends?

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