Pinterest Aims To Woo Advertisers With Its Animated ‘Cinematic Pins’

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Pinterest Aims To Woo Advertisers With Its Animated ‘Cinematic Pins’

Visual-bookmarking site Pinterest has put a new spin on video ads with ‘cinematic pins’ that jump to life when users scroll through images (aka Pins).

Pinterest Cinematic Pins

The short animations aren’t exactly autoplay video ads like on some other social networks, but clicking on a Cinematic Pin does reveal a slightly longer (video) version of the clip.

Pinterest hopes its Cinematic Pins will serve as a new way for advertisers to promote their brands/products on its platform, in turn earning its more advertising dollars.

The new ad format only moves when a user is scrolling, making it sort of more interactive than the autoplay and click-to-play ads on Facebook and Twitter.

Cinematic Pins are part of Pinterest’s border roll-out of a new advertising strategy that offers better targeting, a revised fee model and an overhauled ad-creating service for clients.

The move is clearly aimed at drawing in advertising dollars, but Pinterest’s take is different enough from rival platforms that it can distinguish itself despite having far fewer users.

Further, Pinterest will soon allow advertisers to specifically target interest-based boards its users create, as opposed to the rudimentary targeting options of gender, location and category.

The company, which is currently valued at $11 billion, is scrambling to play catch up with giants like Facebook and Twitter, which have several more years of ad experience.

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