Piquor Booth: Offline marketing meets Analytics in a fun way [Think Beer!]

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Piquor Booth: Offline marketing meets Analytics in a fun way [Think Beer!]

Piquor Kiosks in Delhi Malls

The first photo booth installed in New York City captured over 280,000 photographs in six months nearly a century ago. In 2012, the era of mobile phones with mega pixel cameras and pocket sized professional cameras, reason would have you believe that photo booths are dead. But wait. Not so soon. Since March this year, a startup called Piquor Technologies has been installing photobooths in Delhi. And the result? A single kiosk attracted almost 4500 users and nearly 6000 photographs were taken in a month. So far 98000 photographs have been taken.

But why would anyone go through the pain? The photographs are free. And sometimes, you get a bonus. For instance, in a Delhi beer cafe, where one of these photo kiosks have been installed, you could click a picture and get a mug of beer for Rs 1. The kiosks are integrated with Facebook and e-mail so you can have the pic posted on your wall or have it mailed to your inbox.

Why would anyone give away beer for free?

Simple – for information & branding!

With Piquor Booth , besides getting outdoor visibility, brands get exposure on social media when a photograph is shared. Sponsors also get user details to run promotions. The company gives an analytics platform to the sponsors who can monitor campaigns.

Piquor Ambience Mall
Piquor Ambience Mall

“With Piquor Booth, a club in Gurgaon is able to reach 120000 users on Facebook in just 2 months. The club had gathered 1400 authentic email ids of its regular visitors and has more than 3000 photographs of happy customers to showcase on their website and Facebook page,” says Pranjal Prashar, one of the co-founders of the startup.

The solution also helps customers to figure out the visiting pattern of its clients. “The campaign on Piquor Booth has been able to generate purchase intent of around Rs 2.4 Lakh,” added Prashar.

The company has recently introduced its second product PartyPictureBox –an automated photo booth for premium events which features high quality instant prints.

The team

The company was founded by Arpit Gupta, a graduate from IIT Delhi, Pranjal Prashar who graduated from IIIT-M and was with an information risk management service firm when he met Arpit. Vineet Chauhan, an ex-banker and alumni of IIIT-M is the third co-founder.

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Aside, what is it with marketeers and beer?

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