A Look At 8 Startups Joining Pitney Bowes Accelerator Program

Pitney Bowes has announced 8 startups who will join Pitney Bowes Accelerator program in India. 

The 8 startups are:Pitney-Bowes-logo

RetailNav, a solution for retail shopping with unique in-store location-based analytics.

Audianz, a location-based advertising platform.

Heuristics, a GPS-based vehicle tracking system (VTS) and mobile-based personnel tracking solutions.

Yo-app, an app that integrates social circles with a discovery platform.

Ideata Analytics, an integrated data intelligence platform to help users perform information discovery.

Teritree, a customer experience management platform.

BrownTape, a single-click multi-platform solution for ecommerce management.

Tagalys, a solution that provides intelligent heuristic search.

The program focuses on start-ups that leverage software for mobile, data analytics, location-based services, and ecommerce management.  Selected startups will have access to Pitney Bowes’ software, application programming interfaces (APIs) and data for the duration of the program. Training, technical and business guidance and mentoring will be provided to the start-ups from Pitney Bowes engineering and innovation leaders, and from software industry experts.

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