Crowdsource Your Moustache: Yes, There is an App for this!

With PixDub, you can invite your friends to add their own captions, speech bubbles, stickers, and other effects to your picture. This makes the pictures more personal and interesting.

pixdub-app-reviewWe have all seen pictures with a funny moustache, squeezed faces, elongated noses and many such quirks. Now there is an app which actually allows you to upload a picture and let your friends do the above and a lot more, all in jest.

Pixdub is a mobile social application that allows you to interact with others by creating photo challenges, initiating photo conversations, and joining photo streams started by your friends and others in the community.

All you need to do is snap a picture to start a conversation. You can then also share it on Facebook/Twitter and via email to get the conversation going. The fun starts once your friends and contacts began replying. They can get creative and add their own captions, speech bubbles, stickers, and other effects to your picture. This makes the pictures more personal and interesting.

All images shared are public for now, and any PixDub member can see and reply with a modified version of your image. We think that this is a good thing for brands and celebrities, since they can definitely increase engagement and their fan bases with tools like this. But on a personal front we would not want our images in the hands of strangers to do whatever they feel like. The internal social network sets this app apart from others which just let you add stickers and share to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


While there are countless photo sharing apps out there, what makes PixDub interesting is the use of crowdsourcing to transform images. While other apps such as Instagram or even Facebook let you just comment on a photo, PixDub allows you to do a lot more. In a way it is trying to create a visual social community. Where PixDub scores over other is the endless entertainment it offers. It is also one of the only apps which let you comment on a picture with a picture, even though it is just a modified version of the original.

The app developers have many plans for the app in future, including releasing an Android and a Windows Phone version as well as adding more features to the app like group photo conversation, more filters and stickers, more effects such as cutting objects, photo enhancement capabilities etc.

The app has been developed in Israel by Dror Birzon and Shay Nagel.

With countless photo communities out there, what PixDub has done is unique but the only way to keep users engaged would be is to have more people on the app so has to keep people coming back to the app.

For now Instagram and Facebook, shall remain our favourite photo sharing networks but if our friends join in, we can definitely see ourselves using this app a lot more.

Download: Pixdub (iOS).

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