Paceable, a productivity app in e-mail for team collaboration [UnPluggd demo #8]

Paceable is looking to redefine business e-mail. With Paceable, you can view real time activity of your team members, add notes for discussion, assign tasks, schedule reminders and more from your e-mail window. It also offers analytics to the user to improve productivity. The product, is being built by Pradeep Kumar and Swetanshu Mohapatra who co-founded Foodkhoj earlier. They are now building Paceable which was incubated at Startup Chile.

Its a productivity app in Email, for teams working in collaboration.    Small and Medium Businesses collaborate with their team members without falling prey to complicated CRM and Help Desk solutions. Paceable enables a ‘private window’ between ‘team members’ who are cc-ed / bcc-ed together in an email – to view ‘real time’ activity of other members, chat, add notes, schedule reminders etc in context of that ‘particular email’.

Placeable converts your inbox into a real-time collaborative platform for your team. The app is intuitive and user flow is no different than how you use Email / Chat today.     You can try it for free for 14 days and buy at $4.95 per user per month.

The Boston/ Santiago based team is now moving back to India. Paceable is in private beta and just launched at UnPluggd.

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