Trip tern makes you to do end to end trip planning with minimal manual intervention

A large portion of e-commerce revenues in India comes through the travel segment which includes flight bookings, hotel bookings and holiday packages. But end-to-end trip planning is a relatively unexplored market.

If you look at the main solutions provided currently in the global market, they are divided into two sections – static and dynamic. Static solutions such as Tripadvisor, Expedia,Mygola, Ixigo are primarily recommendation based sites and do not focus on optimized solutions. However, there has been less effort made at creating dynamic solutions. Startup like tripomatic is one of the early evangelizers in this space

Trip tern is a new dynamic travel planning solution which will help you plan your trip, end to end. Currently with a team of three founders – Anupam Pathak , Shailendra Sason and Anand Mohan, the startup offers end to end planning solutions across 13 cities around the world.

One can plan the entire tour by feeding the city’s name and desired hotel (accommodation) from the offered list, travel date and tenure. Later, the users need to pick interest for the trip across categories such as art, history, food, music and kids. Based on interest, trip tern offers list of places (in chosen city) to be visited.

Post feeding these detail, the startup, which is still in beta offers you the customized planning with timing spread across the stretch of one’s trip. In simple word it creates the list of places to be visited with schedule date, timing (including transfer time from the hotel and between two places), lunch with restaurant suggestion. Also the trip tern equips users to track/peep the routes of planned visit through Google map.

Logging via Facebook, Google plus account or Twitter handle, one can also seek suggestion about place to be visited in particular city.  In addition, the platform saves the planned trip automatically under activity feed and users can see and share it on Facebook, Google plus and Twitter. Through trip tern service, I planned a tour to Delhi and this is how the plan looks like (in screenshot) the tour with timing and places to be visited on day 1 of trip.

Trip Tern screen shotOverall I am impressed with the trip tern approach which makes the entire process automated with very little manual intervention. To know more about Trip Tern, NextBigWhat spoke with Shailendra Sason, co-founder, Trp Tern. Edited excerpts:

What is trip tern is all about? Tell us something about its technology from front and back end.

trip tern is about taking travel planning to next level. We all love traveling and we don’t want to be bothered by travel plans, hotel reservations and tickets etc. So, we’re automating the entire process. Currently, we’re preparing algorithm based automatic travel schedule by taking into consideration traveler’s interests, city’s attractions and their opening and closing time and transit time between attractions.

In future iterations, we’ll be automating other aspects of travel. We’re using CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, Backbone.js to provide wonderful User Experience. For the back-end, we’re using PHP (CodeIgniter framework) to render pages and mongodb for storing all the required information.

How trip tern is different from ixigo’s Trip planner? Talk about some major differentiators of Trip Tern with existing solutions.

We don’t think of ixigo’s travel guide as a travel planner, it’s just a travel suggestion list which suggests which places to visit and in what time of year and everything is done manually. Whereas, we’re preparing a final schedule based on user’s interests which user can modify to suit his/her needs. We’re providing a schedule which traveler can follow to the point to fully experience a city. Moreover we are algorithm based automatic planning solution and iXigo is a manual travel guide. We are working on building a social platform ( currently support saving/sharing trips, viewing friends albums on profile page).

How has bee the traction so far in terms of traffic, trip planned by consumers etc?

For the release we focused on the users who registered for the beta preview via the launchrock page. We’re seeing normal visitors flow and are looking to incorporate their inputs into the next iterations. We’re trying to generate awareness about trip tern through Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

What is trip tern’s revenue model?

Currently we’re in beta mode and focused on acquiring users through quality service and our innovative trip planning algorithm. In next 2-3 months, we would be introducing hotel,travel bookings and ticket reservations for events and major attractions which would act as our revenue stream.

What are your future plans?

In future iterations, we’re looking to automate the ticket booking for hotels, events, flights and major attractions. We are also working on mobile application to provide an in trip experience to the user throughout his travel. In short, we’ll be trying to position ourselves as one-stop solution for all travel queries.

Are you funded or looking to raise funds?

Currently we’re entirely bootstrapped. We’re in talks with some major VCs for fund-raising.

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